Weight (compulsory)

Head Size

Neck Size

Bust Size

Waist Size

Hip Size

Thigh Size

Ankle Size

Shoulder Width



Wrist Size

Leg Length(From Thigh to Ankle)

Foot Length

Details of custom options
In order to meet customers' needs as much as possiable, we provide some common custom options: Hood Detachable, Open Eyes, Open Mouth, Open Face, Crotch Zipper for Male, Crotch Zipper for Female, Hands Detachable, Feet Detachable, Add Toes, Laterial Seamless ...

Some Customers do not know the detail of the custom options, they have some concerns when they are making order. so we give more details of those custom options there, just look at this picture:

If you have some further requests,please do tell us.