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1.About Processing Time

Almost all the costumes on our site are custom made, that means we will start making the suits after someone ordered. What we said “In stock” means the fabric in stock, we could make the suit for you, not means we could ship the item to you once you ordered. Costumes:
Processing Time: 2-3 Working Days (Usually)
Processing Time: 3-7Working Days (Hot Season, September- October)
Processing Time: 5-7 Working Days (Custom Design, Complex Design, PVC/Latex Fabric)
Processing Time: 5-7 Working Days (Usually)
Processing Time: 10-15 Working Days (Hot Season, September- October)
Processing Time: 10-20 Working Days (Custom Design, Custom Sole )
Processing Time: 1-2Working Days (Usually)
Processing Time: 3-5 Working Days (Hot Season, September- October)

2.About sizes and measurements

1) If you select our standard size, please must checked our Size Chart at first, and then select. Please do not use your size for your daily suit, or the size you adopted on other sites, because the measurements are different for each site, you need to use our own Size Chart.
2) Some people suffer this issue, his height should be fit XL, but from the bust/waist/hip, he might be select XXL, for this problem, you could select XXL, and leave your height on the Custom Made option, then we will make the suit combine those measurements.
3) About Custom size, please do not shrink or increase your measurements by youself, please offer us your current realy measurements, our tailors will cut the fabric according to the elasticity of the fabric and their experiences. The elasticity of the fabric is as follow:
Lycra Spandex: Good
Shiny Metallic: Medium
PVC: Poor
Latex: Poor
4) About special measurements, you have to told us. Such as you are very high, but very thin, you’d better select the custom made, or select your size as your B/W/H, and leave your detail height on Custom Made option. Or your legs are very long, your shoulder is very wide, you need to leave those detail measurements on our custom made option, or else the tailor will make the suit as most common proportion, it might be not fit you.
5) About the Torso Length, there have some people feedback the torso is too tight, to slove this problem, you could leave your Torso Length (From Shoulder to Crotch) on Custom Made option. Because the zentai/superhero costumes are tight suit, so if the suit is tight, it maybe make you feel uncomfortable on crotch parts, but if we make it longger, it might be make the crotch parts are too loose, and make the suit very strange. So if you think your torso is longer than most people, or your upper body is fatter, we suggest you offer your Torso Legth.

3.About Free Shipping

Now on our site, we offer the Free Shipping Discount, once your order amount is over $59, you could select this shipping method. But most people think the shipping time are the same, actually no.
We will use the EMS (Post Office Shipping, USPS ) to ship the free shipping items, this is safest shipping method, but the shipping time is longer than other shipping method. So please note the time, we suggest you do not select Free Shipping if you need the item urgently.
Shipping Time: 7-14 Working Day (TO US)
Shipping Time: 10-16 Working Day (TO Other Country)
Shipping Time: 10-20 Working Day (TO Brazil, Need Tax ID)

4.About the Shipping time to different countries

The shipping time is also different to different to different countries, usually the shipping time is shortest to US, and most shipping time we labeled on our site means the shipping time to US. Usually to other countries, the shipping time should be 1-5 days longer.

5.About the problem of Cosplay Shoes

Now our site have some superhero cosplay boots, any many customers also very like them. But usually we will suffer problems after ordered, now I will list some problems, I hope you could understanding before ordering.
As the differences from sizes of Western countries and China, so some soles and heels could not be made for some bigger sizes.
1) Due to restrictions with sole, all high heel boots or shoes just exceed 26cm(10.24 inch), whatever female size or male size, we will adopts the flat sole to make the boots like this picture below.
2) Due to restrictions with sole, all boots or shoes just exceed 30cm(111.82 inch), whatever female size or male size, we will adopts the foam sole to replace the rubber soles, the appearences have not changed so many, but the foam sole is lighter, but the worse slip resistance.

6.About Shipping separately

Now our site deal in several different kinds of items, including the costumes, cosplay props, cosplay boots.
Because as the factories of those kinds of items are located in different cities, so sometimes we will ship your items separately. You could only remember one rule, we will ship the Cosplay Props ( Swords, Sticks) separately, and other items together.
And as the volume of the cosplay swords are very big, so we could only ship it in EMS(Post Office Shipping), the shipping time should be longer, please wait patiently.

7.About Custom Made

Now almost all the costumes on our site are custom made, so we could do some changes as the customers’ requirements. However, we need to know which parts you need to modify, if it is hard to us, or if we need you charge you extra. How we divide the custom requirements into two different conditions:
1) Simple Custom Requrements: Including change colors, custom sizes or do not need some patterns, designs or accessories (No not need the sleeves, change the long trouser legs to short). Those custom options we do not charge extra, you could leave your requirements on Custom Made option. Just remember one rule, we need not to cost more fabric, the craft is the same or simpler than the origianl style.
2) Complex Custom Requirements: If you want to change the design, change the patterm, or add some accessories, such as the briefs, cape or other things, you need to contact our service at first, because for those custom requirements, we have to charge you extra for the cost of the custom, and also need to know the details about the designs, patterns and more, then we could make one suit fit your requirements.

8.About Sec-Kill

Now on our site the SEC-KILL activity is very hot, however, everytime, I will got some massage said they have not ordered the suit at that price, today I summarize some reasons about this.
1) Please note the time, some customers do not notice the Sec-kill time, actually, the activity is started on every Wednesday 21:50:21 (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), so please note that.
2) Do not add the items on the shopping cart at first, some people want to order the item faster and more expediently, so they will add the items to their shoping cart before the activity started, however, if you do it like this, the price will not be changed, it will also be the full price, so please don’t add them on shopping cart before the prices have been changed. Usually, we will leave enough time to you to order the suits.

9.About the Selection about the Custom optioons

Now on our site, we have some common custom options for your choose, such as Hood detachable, Open eyes. However, those options aim at most costumes, not all, for some costumes, you might be not select those custom options.
1 ) The items do not have hood, some costumes do not have the mask, at this time, the Hood detachable, Open eyes/mouth/face are not available. Because for this problem, we need to add one hood at first and then add those options, but the items do not have the hood, so we do not know which design/ colors of the hood we have to make, does it have any patterns? Those problems are hard to made, and now the price of the mask is about $14, but the price of the suit do not include this price, so if you order one suit which do not have the mask, but you want to add one, please contact our service at first, and then we will tell you how to do.
2) The items do not have the gloves and boots cover, so you could not select the Hands/Feet detachable, the result is as below.
3) About the details of the custom options, we have some pictures about it, you could look at this page: Details of custom options

10.About Refund/Return/Exchange

About Refund/Return/Exchange, please tell us once you got the item, if you found any problem, please contact us immediately. Because the suits are custom made, and as the international shipping, so if there is not quality problem, we could not accept Refund/Return/Exchange.
1.Quality Problem
Please take pictures and send E-mail to us, we will give you a solution. For the cosplay props, as the items are big, so it might be broken during shipping, so for those items, please check the items at first, then sign for it, if you found there is any problem, please reject the item, then it will be reback to our place, then we could resend one for you.
2.Size Problem
Because most people select the suit as their height, bust, waist and hip, and usually we will check the costume before shipping, so usually it is no problem, but once you found the suit not fit you. You could measure the suit and then compair with the size you ordered, then found if we make the suit in wrong size, if yes, please send those picture measurements to our service, we will give you a good solution. If we make the suit in correct size, we are sorry we could not accept Refund/Return/Exchange.
3.Time Problem
So customers maybe need the items very urgently, however, they do not told us about this before order, and do not remark the deadline on the order, so we will make the suit as our own steps, but when they got the item, they said it is too late, they do not need the items now. For this reason, we are sorry, we could not accept Refund/Return/Exchange. I have talked about the processing time and shipping time below, for most suit, they could got it in about 3-5 working days at fastest, but you need to contact us at first, if you need it very urgently, if you do not talked about this, and also do not select the Express shipping, we really could not affirm you it will arrive you in time, becaue we could not control Shipping.
4.Personal Problems
There have some customers might be return the suits once they got them, their reason is that the suit is not what they want, it is different as the picture shows. For this subjective reason, we are reaally hard to accept, because the suit/items are custom made, they could not be second sale, and the international shipping fees are very high, so for corporate interest, we could not accept Refund/Return/Exchange for just personal reasons.

Shipping Methods
shipment We have two shipping methodes availble: Regular Airmail (USPS and EMS in U.S.A)
Express Shipping (DHL in China)
We offer free shipping (Regular Airmair) and charge $12.99USD for express shipping in the following areas
North America, Europe, UK and East Asia
However, if your shipping address is not in the above regions, Free Shipping Policy might not be able to applied for now, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE first!

Shipping Time

shipping time It takes us 1-2 working days to process your order and no orders will be shipped on weekend
Express Shipping (DHL) usually takes around 5 to 7 days at the most
Regular Airmail (USPS and EMS) usually takes 10 to 25 days to reach you
We can NOT control possible delays caused by your postal service or unforeseen weather conditions.


payment we accept We are an online business, we only accept online payment including PayPal, Visa Card, MaterCard, American Express Card
We do not take telephone orders, and we do not accept check and cach on delivery

Custom and Tax

tax free shopping All products listed on the website already included taxes. For orders weights more than 50 kg, it is a one in a million chance but if it does happen, you are responsible for applicable import duties and local taxes!

Feedback and Reviews

customer review We welcome all kinds of feedbacks from our customer, good and bad, positive and negative, this will really help us grow, if a customer with purchase leaves a valid review , we will offer 5% discount at a time






Marvel Comics Dreamqueen Metallic Superhero Costume

Dreamqueen is the daughter of Nightmare and Zhilla Char. This character is published by Marvel Comics. Fabric used is metallic which is unavailable for washing. Feet and gloves are attached. Zipper is added on the front.

Size Charts for Costume

Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order   

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